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Clojure in Kansas City

Sun 24 November 2013
By Seth

If you’re interested in learning Clojure, there’s an opportunity coming up. I’m teaching an introductory Clojure class in Kansas City. It starts in early January and will last for four weeks, meeting twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Clojure is a relatively young programming language but it’s already being used in a lot of different fields: from powering web sites, to analyzing health care data, to controlling industrial robots.

I’ve been programming for 15 years and learning and using Clojure for the past year. It’s a great language and I would like to see more people using it in the Kansas City area.

Goals for the class

  • Learn the core Clojure language and data structures
  • Provide plenty of opportunity to practice writing Clojure code


You don’t need to know anything about Clojure or functional programming to take this class. If you already know another programming language that might help but we’re starting with the basics of Clojure, so knowing how to code already isn’t strictly necessary.


Registration will open soon. If you would like to get a head start on registration before it becomes available to everyone, please sign up below. I'll send you an email when pre-registration is available.

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